Apple Offers $139 Trade-In For iPhone 15 in China

iPhone 15 pro max

The iPhone 15 has hit a new all-time low price, thanks to a recent move by Apple. For the first time, the official Tmall Apple Store has introduced a trade-in service, allowing consumers to exchange their old devices for a new iPhone directly when placing an order. This service is also supported by several Apple-authorized stores, including China Mobile’s flagship store, with the iPhone 15 series receiving up to a $139 or 1000 yuan subsidy.

With this subsidy, the popular iPhone 15 128GB model’s trade-in price starts at 4549 yuan, marking a new historical low. Previously, Apple faced complaints from customers who were frustrated that the official flagship store reduced the price of the iPhone 15 by 200-300 yuan in the last two hours of the “Double 11” sale, contrary to its “promise,” leaving those who purchased early feeling aggrieved.

Many consumers felt betrayed by Apple’s pricing strategy and called for the company to refund the difference. However, responses from Apple flagship store customer service indicated that the discounts were due to platform-issued coupons and were not direct discounts on the products themselves. As such, they stated that price protection policies do not apply, and they could not offer refunds for the price difference.

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