Meizu 21 Launches With Snapdragon 8 Gen3 and FlymeOS 10.5 For $564


Meizu 21 smartphone, was officially announced at the Meizu Autumn 2023 Unbounded Ecological Conference. The phone is priced starting at CNY 3399 $564.


In terms of design, the Meizu 21 continues Meizu’s aesthetic of “unbounded beauty,” featuring a frame width of just 1.74mm, which the company claims is among the narrowest in the world. The device sports a 6.55-inch Samsung OLED flagship straight screen, a professional-grade original color screen supporting 1920Hz high-frequency dimming, a 120Hz refresh rate, and a peak brightness of 1800nits. The screen has undergone SGS low blue light certification, HDR10+ certification, and Frame Enjoy ZREAL certification.

The Meizu 21 introduces a new antenna architecture called “Unbounded Antenna System 2.0,” which offers a narrower antenna clearance area for stronger signal performance. The phone’s frame is narrower compared to the Meizu 20, with a 30% improvement in signal performance. The device also features a new self-developed technology, mSmart Net, supporting all-scenario network optimization.

The phone boasts a highly reliable and precise body, with a middle frame made of new aviation aluminum and processed using aviation component-grade CNC 4.5-axis machine tools. It also utilizes high-precision CCD automated production lines for assembly, enhancing its durability against drops and pressure.

Meizu 21 has overcome the challenge of yield rates with white panels, achieving a white covering on the 1.74mm ultra-narrow physical equilateral frame. The phone is available for sale immediately upon announcement.

The device measures 7.9mm in thickness and weighs 198g. It is available in four colors: Unbounded Black, Meizu White, Sharp Green, and Dynamic Purple, all featuring a soft sand star flash process for a smooth and delicate touch. The rear camera module adopts an unbounded narrow-edge lens group design with a black-plated lens ring. The surface of the camera lens features a finely nano-etched CD pattern.

Additionally, the Meizu 21 includes the “Aicy Dynamic Ring,” an upgrade from the original “Ring Flash.” This is an interactive ring light system for multiple scenarios, incorporating a variety of light effects for gaming, music, and notification reminders, adding dynamic and interesting elements to different situations.


Performance-wise, the Meizu 21 is equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor. With the support of Meizu’s Ice World cooling technology, OneMind 10.5, and a total heat dissipation stack area of 37345mm², the phone achieves a balance of performance and battery life. It has a built-in 4800mAh battery supporting 80W fast charging, capable of charging to 100% in 40 minutes.


For imaging, the Meizu 21 features a 32MP front camera (Samsung S5KJD1) and a rear triple camera setup consisting of a 200MP main camera (Samsung S5KHP3 with OIS), a 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera (Samsung S5K3L6), and a 5MP depth portrait camera (Samsung S5K5E9). The phone’s flagship imaging system, co-developed with Samsung and enhanced with Star Flow Image AI, challenges the industry’s fastest direct output of 200 million pixel photos.

The Meizu 21, equipped with the third-generation Snapdragon 8 processor, is globally launched alongside the Galaxy E8, which is equipped with the Snapdragon 8295. Both devices feature unbounded interconnectivity. The Galaxy E8 integrates with FlymeLink Phone Domain, debuting with the “Three-Finger Task Flow” and supporting new features like “Address Flow to Car.”

Other features of the Meizu 21 include NFC and infrared remote control, and it comes pre-installed with the Flyme 10.5 system. This system introduces the Aicy AI large model and Flyme AR.


The Meizu 21 is now available for pre-sale and will go on sale on December 5 at 10:00. The pricing for different variants is as follows: 8+256GB for 3399 yuan, 12+256GB for 3699 yuan, and 12+512GB for 3999 yuan.

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