Red Magic 9 Pro Preorders Trippled As Compared To Previous Generation


The Red Magic 9 Pro series, recently launched by Nubia, has made a significant impact in the smartphone market, especially with its starting price of CNY 4399 ($620). The series, which opened for pre-orders and is set to officially go on sale on November 28, has seen a remarkable threefold increase in first-day preorders compared to its predecessor. However, it’s not specified whether this increase pertains to sales volume or revenue.

Previously, Nubia’s Red Magic phones had set a record with the Red Magic 9 Pro series, achieving the highest sales revenue in the history of the brand’s new phone releases within just one hour of full-payment preorders. This achievement has positioned the series as a new blockbuster in the market.

The Red Magic 9 Pro series stands out with its fifth-generation under-screen camera technology, making it the only true full-screen Snapdragon 8 Gen3 flagship in the industry without any punch holes. The series features the first launch of BOE’s Q9+ luminescent material, which brings comprehensive upgrades in five aspects: under-screen hiding, display effect, screen eye protection, screen touch, and under-screen front camera.

Moreover, the Red Magic 9 Pro is the only flagship in the industry with a completely flat back, achieving a flush camera module without any protrusion. The phone adopts a custom lens rear cover integrated glass design, processed through 15 steps to achieve a unified design of the rear shell glass and lens glass without any camera openings. This design ensures an extreme light transmission polarizing effect and is both wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, creating a body glass that can double as a camera lens.

Nubia boasts the innovative features and impressive sales performance of the Red Magic 9 Pro series, showcasing Nubia’s commitment to advancing smartphone technology and design.


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