Huawei P70 New Renders Exposed

Huawei P70

Positioned even higher than the Mate 60, the Huawei P70 series is set to make its debut with its latest renderings unveiled, showcasing a unique triple-camera setup. Initially rumored for a March release, the launch of the Huawei P70 series has been postponed to April due to various reasons. As the release date approaches, promotional activities for the P70 series are expected to ramp up.

The latest renderings, based on the most recent data, reveal the back design of the P70 series. The design features a distinctive triple-camera module arranged in a triangular formation, a design choice that sets it apart within the industry. Additionally, an independent XMAGE logo is prominently displayed, indicating Huawei’s emphasis on imaging capabilities.

The primary camera of the P70 series is notably large, with the top-end model expected to utilize the Sony IMX989 sensor. This marks Huawei’s first venture into using a one-inch sensor, making it the model with the largest sensor base in Huawei’s smartphone history. Internally, Huawei has positioned the P70 series above the Mate series, underscoring its mission to reclaim the top spot in imaging technology.

Beyond the flagship model, the P70 series will standardize a 50 million pixel ultra-large base main camera and a periscope telephoto lens across all models, ensuring impressive imaging capabilities even in the standard versions.

In terms of core specifications, the P70 series will maintain consistency with the Mate 60, featuring the Kirin 9000S chip and supporting 5G connectivity.


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